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The Alternative Hypothesis is an investigative magazine that aims to provide viewpoints contrasting the official narrative. The central topic is the coronavirus; we'll research statistics, vaccines, mandates, and the political ramifications that have followed.

The author has an M.Sc. in Computer Science and works at one of the major tech companies. He has both academic and private sector experience in computer science, statistics, machine learning and general problem-solving.


UK: 2021 Mortality UK's mortality data shows an association between Covid19 vaccines and an increased mortality for people younger than 25 years old.
Sweden blocked study of Covid19 vaccines as “it may reduce vaccine uptake” Authorities blocked a 1.7 million-sized vaccine safety & efficacy study; they worried it could endanger vaccine uptake.
Bad Pharma A list of crimes and corruption perpetrated by global pharmaceutical companies, leading to multibillion-dollar litigations and verdicts.
Covid19 vaccine mortality In Pfizer's clinical trials, more vaccinated had died than unvaccinated. Then, Pfizer stopped the study — years sooner than the norm.
Covid19 vaccines: Adverse effects & Uncertainty A statistical proof why the Covid19 vaccine could cause myocarditis in 1 out of 524 vaccinated children, and this still not be detected in clinical trials.
Swine flu vaccine induced narcolepsy In Sweden, the 2009 swine flu vaccine left 150–200 children and adolescents with permanent narcolepsy — first established 3 years after vaccine approval and safety studies.
Swiss ICU capacity during Covid19 Switzerland has justified lockdowns and the Covid-Zertifikat by the danger of its hospital ICU beds running out — while removing beds and overestimating the impact of Covid19 by up to 2x.